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My Burberry by Burberry, an English fragrance

Fragrance My Burberry
Fragrance My Burberry

Christopher Bailey, Managing Director and Creative Director of Burberry wanted My Burberry to be “the embodiment of the brand, in terms of scent, design and attitude.

This is how the most British brand launched this new fragrance. He also affirmed that “a perfume which is inspired by the iconic Burberry trench coat must be exceptional at all levels”. When you know the prestige of this London brand, you can only expect an exceptional perfume. My Burberry intends to convey its timeless English class and promises us an essence all in elegance and tradition.

My Burberry, a walk in the heart of St James’s Park

My burberry is a floral fragrance. This contemporary fragrance was created by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, in collaboration with Christopher Bailey. A Burberry fragrancewhich is already a classic. Its invigorating notes remind us of the scent of a blooming garden in the rain. After all, what could be more characteristic than the great English parks in rainy weather? Its top notes are composed of sweet peas and bergamot, which gives it its floral, honeyed and musky aroma. His heart, meanwhile, blossoms around a bouquet of roses to which is added the original scent of geranium. The latter gives My Burberry a light spicy and somewhat minty side. Golden quince is also making an appearance with its tangy flavor. Finally, the floral luminosity of freesia is aptly enhanced by base notes of patchouli. Behind him are then deposited, very gently, roses damascena and centifolia whose scent would have been refreshed by a light spring rain. My Burberry is a call to travel to a botanical garden on a spring day. It keeps all its promises and intoxicates us with its unique and elegant fragrance.

A “So British” bottle and two charming muses for My Burberry

The My Burberry bottle, meanwhile, is inspired by its iconic product: the famous trench coat that we all dream of having! Indeed, the My Burberry cap, horn-style, mirrors the original buttons of the brand’s iconic jacket. In addition, the hand-tied English gabardine ribbon is a tribute to Thomas Burberry, inventor of the famous fabric over a century ago. Finally, the color of its nectar is a tender honeyed beige which reminds us of the tone of the famous trench coat. Its appearance is timeless and classy. It seems timeless and conveys a refinement of great beauty.

Likewise, Burberry has not skimped on the means in terms of advertising. For the first time, it will not be one but two muses who will carry the London flag for the brand. These are the famous Kate Moss and her alter ego, Cara Delevingne. In advertising, their complicity is immediately obvious. Like twin sisters, the radiant blondes have as their only outfit the iconic Burberry trench coat and a magnificent pair of the house’s sandals. The whole was immortalized by the expert eye of the photographer Mario Testino who manages to transcribe to perfection the Burberry spirit.


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