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Burberry perfume Brit Rhythm for women

Burberry perfume Brit Rhythm for women
Burberry perfume Brit Rhythm for women

Burberry Brit Rhythm For Women, a scent of freedom and irreverence

If the Burberry house is often characterized by its very elegant and fashionable allure, Burberry Brit Rhythm For Women leads us towards a world of freedom and daring. Following on from its male counterpart created a year earlier, it appeared in 2014. Burberry Brit Rhythm For Women is a veritable cocktail of adrenaline. All in sensuality, it was born from a project launched some time earlier by Burberry. Indeed, the brand has set up a musical platform, Burberry Acoustic, in order to capture the new talents of tomorrow. Inspired by the energy of youth, the spontaneity of these artists and the rock ‘n’ roll rhythms of this place, this fragrance appears as a clever mix of seduction and rebellion. Burberry Brit Rhythm For Women is a perfect embodiment of a young English woman of today. It is a juice that is both electrifying and enchanting. Like a hit, its olfactory score remains in memory and Burberry Brit Rhythm For Women is displayed as a melody that will not be forgotten.

The nuanced femininity of Burberry Brit Rhythm For Women

On the olfactory level, this results in very contrasting scents. Some are quite classic, while others are more unexpected. These oppositions create immense energy through this essence. Burberry Brit Rhythm For Women begins with a very aromatic head of lavender. Immediately this Mediterranean plant is shaken by spices. Neroli comes again to soften this scent while lighting up with orange blossom. The iris gives this juice a more powdery elegance. Finally, for more sensuality, Burberry Brit Rhythm For Women plunges us into a woody, vibrant and intoxicating breath. Musk increases the animal content of vetiver. The result is the image of a woman with a candid appearance, yet not cold in the eyes.

As for the 2013 Burberry Brit Rhythm Pour Homme edition, Burberry presents its Brit Rhythm For Women edition signed by the perfumers of the house of Givaudan Nathalie Cetto and Antoine Maisondieu…

Brit Rhythm For Women

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The brand new fragrance from the house of Burberry is aromatic, fresh with English lavender playing a key role in the composition of this brand new edition. We also find orange and iris notes which add a dose of sensuality.

Burberry Brit Rhythm Perfume

It is Burberry’s first fragrance to have lavender as its central note and which plays the main role in the composition. English lavender is much more aromatic than French lavender, and its nuances in this composition are more prominent. “It was deliberately wanted by its creator to use the typical ingredient from England” – as Nathalie Cetto pointed out.

She also adds that the new Burberry fragrance has a fundamental paradox in its essence – a confrontation of spicy ingredients like pink pepper and floral notes of Petalia present right down to the middle note. This Perfume with peony scents evokes youth and lightness giving the feeling that you are in a cloud of peony petals!

Burberry Brit Rhythm For Women

The top notes of the new fragrance are English lavender, pink pepper and neroli, the main heart notes absolute iris, blackberry leaves and orange blossom combined with the specially patented molecule of the house of Givaudan named Petalia carrying the perfume on peony accords. The base incorporates vetiver, musk and dynamic wood. The perfume is expected to hit the market from January 28, 2014 and will be available in all official Burberry stores.

Burberry Brit Rhythm for Women comes in 30ml, 50ml and 90ml Eau de Toilette. Its complementary range will also include 150 ml of body lotion, hair perfume in 50 ml, body bath in 150 ml and deodorant in 100 ml.

Burberry Brit Rhythm Mixte Perfume

Just like the Burberry Brit for Men Rhythm version for men, the fragrance for women is closely related to music and acoustic performance – explains Christopher Bailey. Much like a Burberry collector’s fragrance, the new women’s scent possesses the authenticity of the brand and follows the style of the house. He adds: “Brit Rhythm for Women is all about capturing the emotion, excitement and attitude that live music provides us.

C’est vraiment une sorte d’adrénaline que vous obtenez de la musique … “. La couleur fluide du nouveau parfum est douce et rose poudré dans un contenu de douceur et de sensibilité. Ce parfum sera également encouragée et accompagnée par la mode en ligne de Burberry qui sera lancé au même moment que sa sortie. Il comprendra une collection spéciale de vestes en cuir portés par Suki Waterhouse  illustré par la vidéo et campagne de publicité en noir et blanc qui annonce les nouvelles éditions Brit Rhythm de Burberry Pour Femme.

Parfum Femme

Famille Olfactive : Floral

Note de tête : Lavande Anglaise – Poivre Rose – Néroli

Note de cœur : Iris absolu – Feuilles de mûre – Fleur d’oranger – Pivoine

Note de fond : Vétiver – Musc – Bois dynamique

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