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The fruity and floral freshness of the My Burberry Blush fragrance

The fruity and floral freshness of My Burberry Blush
The fruity and floral freshness of My Burberry Blush

The discovery of the My Burberry Blush fragrance

Since 2014 and the creation of My Burberry, this perfume line is said to represent “the epitome of the Burberry brand, its ultimate embodiment in terms of fragrance, design and attitude”. My Burberry Blush is an essence “inspired by the iconic Burberry trench coat” as well as “from a London garden at dawn, as the flowers bloom with a bubbling boost of energy” . What is behind such a promise? My Burberry Blush is presented as a floral and fruity composition , not devoid of modernity and femininity.

A composition by Francis Kurkdjian

First of all, let’s start by pointing out that My Burberry Blush is the work of one of the best perfumers of our time. This is a signed composition by Francis Kurkdjian. Moreover, he was also at the origin of the very first My Burberry. Francis Kurkdjian has been convinced that he has wanted to become a perfumer since he was 15 years old.

It must be said that this creator is endowed with an extraordinary sensitivity. Quickly introduced to the piano and classical dance, he is a fervent art lover. What is more, these apprenticeships have enabled him to acquire the values ​​of high standards and perseverance. A passionate and determined man, he has been dedicated to the service of perfume for more than 20 years now. In each of his compositions, he opens the doors to a new universe. Here, he opens a secret window on the Burberry world. My Burberry Blush has the authenticity of this London brand while giving it a very contemporary look.

My Burberry Blush opens a new freshness on the history of Burberry. Prepare your suitcase, Francis Kurkdjian takes us with him to the heart of the British capital.

The olfactory sweetness of My Burberry Blush

My Burberry Blush is a particularly floral fragrance for women . Until then, nothing very original you will tell me … However, it is clear that it is masterfully orchestrated. It mainly revolves around the rose, the star flower of female perfumery. Still, don’t be fooled by its apparent romanticism. The rose also has sharp thorns that can be wilder than ever.

This cheeky side is enhanced here by the presence of geranium . Indeed, this elegant flower is also very peppery. Its incandescent heat is nevertheless counterbalanced by the presence of green apple. This fruit releases unparalleled dynamism and combines with the dazzling freshness of lemon. The pomegranate makes this composition more tangy and sparkling. Finally, My Burberry Blush finally ends with a duo of opulent flowers.

This one consists in particular of jasmine and wisteria. My Burberry Blush plunges us into the heart of a London painting in which “The sun shines and the sky awakens with a bright pink day. […] The roses are magnificent ”. It reveals to us a “unique, very uplifting feeling” and lets float behind it a scent “both light and airy, without being too sweet”.


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