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Burberry, a typical London brand

Burberry, a typical London brand
Burberry, a typical London brand

If there were to be only one brand on the planet to embody English elegance , it is highly likely that Burberry would be the embodiment. Symbolizing the authenticity of an English gentleman associated with the dynamism of the British capital, Burberry is a brand that is both traditional but very urban. If this is reflected in its fashion products, it must be recognized that this image also goes through its perfumes. Moreover, these two universes are always intimately linked

The story of the iconic Burberry trench coat

It was at the beginning of the 20th century that the trench coat was invented by Thomas Burberry. This first dressed the officers of the English army. It had its final form at the time of the First World War. So, did you know that the buckles on the shoulders of this jacket were once used to attach the bags and gloves of soldiers. The rings on his belt were used to hang grenades. What’s more, Burberry’s trench coat doesn’t have a lot of buttons. This made it easier to wear. Finally, its name “trench” actually comes from the word “trench” in English. If the iconic jacket has never left the Burberry wardrobe, it has also inspired many of the brand’s fragrances, such as the iconic My Burberry.

Burberry, a brand adored by Asian populations

Burberry has been showing for several years its ambition to conquer the rich youth of China. Indeed, the Chinese people particularly associate Burberry with an image of prestige and success. Moreover, this clientele still represents 50% of the brand’s turnover. So, how about diving into the world of Burberry to get a closer look at what fascinates people on the other side of the world so much in their creation?


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