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My Burberry, an olfactory embodiment of London fashion

My Burberry, an olfactory embodiment of London fashion
My Burberry, an olfactory embodiment of London fashion

My Burberry is more than a perfume. He alone embodies the essence of the Burberry brand. Indeed, Burberry CEO and Creative Director Christopher Bailey himself said of his fragrance: “My Burberry is the embodiment of the brand, in terms of scent, design and attitude. A fragrance inspired by the iconic Burberry trench coat must be exceptional at all levels ”. Also, it is clear that this very elaborate perfume wonderfully symbolizes all the luxury and know-how that we recognize in the most British of brands.

My Burberry, a walk through the disturbed climate emblematic of England

My Burberry is a floral essenceresolutely contemporary that you can find inexpensively on our site. It is signed by Christopher Bailey and perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. The latter evokes a stroll in the heart of a large London park, on a rainy day, so common in the English capital. Sweet peas and bergamot then open the dance of flavors, giving it its soft, suave and honeyed appearance. However, the floral sensation comes from her heart. The rose is then associated with the geranium flower. Both give off spicy and minty scents. However, they are softened by the voluptuousness of the quince, somewhat tangy and smoky. Finally, the freesia reveals all its luminosity while the patchouli finishes asserting its character. Then, this escapade of the senses ends with a new scent of roses in the mist. This fragrance is a call to travel and plunges us into a So British atmosphere. Indeed, beyond its vegetal aspect evoking a botanical garden, My Burberry perfectly embodies English luxury and elegance. It perfectly symbolizes the Burberry brand as well as London, an emblematic capital of fashion.

Charming muses dressed in the famous Burberry trench coat

In order to accompany the release of its essence, Burberry did not call upon one but two muses. These are the famous Kate Moss and her alter ego, Cara Delevingne. These were immortalized by the lens of photographer Mario Testino. The two pretty blondes show off their complicity without complex and pose elegantly, with only the iconic trench coat of the brand. Likewise, this emblematic jacket of the house is clearly mentioned in the My Burberry bottle. Indeed, the My Burberry cap, horn-style, is like its original buttons. In addition, the hand-tied English gabardine ribbon is a tribute to Thomas Burberry, inventor of the famous fabric over a century ago. Even its color, a tender honey beige, is cult.

This year a new version is born: My Burberry Black .


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