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My Burberry Black, the newcomer to Burberry

My Burberry Black, the newcomer to Burberry
My Burberry Black, the newcomer to Burberry

In order to continue its rise in the world of perfumery, the British fashion house Burberry has announced the release of two new fragrances next year. In addition, women will be able to discover the new My Burberry Black by February 2016, while men will be able to perfume themselves using Mr Burberry from April. So, as gallantry wants it, let’s give priority to women and first present the feminine essence of the most British of design houses.

The very elegant universe of Burberry

England, and more specifically London, is renowned for being a particularly fashionable country when it comes to fashion. It symbolizes unparalleled elegance and class. Also, Burberry is thought of this image, just like its fragrances. In this case, everything was designed so that no one could resist the charm of the first My Burberry, released in September 2014. This famous juice was embodied by two charming muses, namely Clara Delevingne and Kate Moss. The two pretty blondes were more complicit than ever and simply dressed in the iconic trench coat of the house. Moreover, My Burberry is described as being an olfactory representationof this famous jacket. This is why we find in particular key elements on its bottle such as a horn-style cap reminiscent of the buttons on the trench coat or a gabardine bow at its collar, the material in which this jacket is designed, invented in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. On the scent side, My Burberry couldn’t be more British. He recalled a walk in the heart of a London garden on a rainy day. In this case, he mixed invigorating tones with very floral notes. Its success was resounding and it is therefore logical that the house decided to invent a variation.

The new scent of My Burberry Black

Also, many elements of the first opus of My Burberry are found in this new fragrance. Indeed, the horn-style cap is still present, as is the famous gabardine knot. However, it no longer tints a beige color but an intense black. He then slices even more with the juice of My Burberry Blackwhich retains its very luxurious golden hue. The muses are also always the same. After all, you don’t change a winning team! Finally, its scent was also imagined by Francis Kurkdjian, nose at the origin of the first version. My Burberry Black opens with a light and delicate scent. It is also an armful of jasmine. This one is coupled with a particularly feminine heart based on a bouquet of candied roses embellished with the velvety and greediness of peach. Finally, the background enhances the whole and gives it its strong character. It is more chypre and woody and consists of amber and patchouli. Everything is particularly well structured and refined, worthy of all the know-how of the Burberry house.


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