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My Burberry Black, so british perfume

My Burberry Black, so british perfume
My Burberry Black, so british perfume

Burberry is an English fashion brand. It specializes in luxury clothing and accessories. It was Thomas Burberry, then 21, who founded his first store in Basingstoke in 1856.

Thanks to a personal concern, Thomas imagines clothes for the outside, especially for the rain. The success is immediate and the brand will dress the fighters of the First World War, thanks to the famous “trench coat”. In 2016, the Burberry house unveiled “My Burberry Black”, a variation of “My Burberry” released two years earlier.

My Burberry Black, the heritage of London chic

“My Burberry” carries with it the heritage of London fashion, both chic and modern. “My Burberry”, the brand’s first fragrance, was strongly inspired by the “trench coat” and the know-how of the Burberry house. “My Burberry” has also been described as the olfactory representation of the English trench coat, which has become a staple of our wardrobes.

“My Burberry Noir” has kept this chic and this London elegance, so particular to the brand. “My Burberry Black” could not be more British . Resolutely masculine, the bottle is an evening outfit in itself. The shape of its cabochon is round. Copper, it is reminiscent of a top hat. To complete her outfit, “M Burberry” has a black gabardine bow like a bow tie.

The latter also pays tribute to Thomas Burberry, inventor of this material. Here, the bottle is tinged with an amber juice, particularly enchanting. Regarding the image of “My Burberry Black”, the house says “Bewitching and mysterious, the fragrance evokes a London garden before the storm. At dusk, when the rain contrasts with the ambient heat ”.

The so british notes of My Burberry Black

Like “My Burberry”, “My Burberry Black” was created by the talented Francis Kurkdjian. “My Burberry Black” begins with a delicate surge of jasmine flower. The heart is ultra elegant, a bit feminine thanks to the presence of candied rose, coupled with the velvety taste of peach nectar. The base offers a very strong character, because it combines amber and patchouli. The set offers a terribly British fragrance. Well structured, “My Burberry Black” remains an ultra refined composition.

To follow up “My Burberry”, the English brand unveils “My Burberry Black”. Elegant, sophisticated, “My Burberry Black” represents London chic par excellence. It is also the heritage, not only of the “Trench-Coat”, but of all the history and know-how of the Burberry house.


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