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My Burberry an essence of English roses rain

My Burberry a rain of English roses
My Burberry a rain of English roses

The road traveled by the English raincoat seller of 1856 was paved with success. In haute-couture or luxury ready-to-wear, Burberry has been the custodian of “so British” elegance tinged with absolute modernity. My Burberry, a real perfumed tribute to the legendary trench coat, is part of these flagship values ​​by offering a floral and vegetal composition similar to “a London garden after the rain” … Why not dress yourself in a My floral trench coat Burberry ?

A mythical trench coat becomes a perfume: My Burberry

If Thomas Burberry created a brand known today worldwide, the beginnings of the house were made in the 19th century and the 20th century mainly through the making of different uniforms, military or government. Inventor of the gabardine, it was thanks to this canvas that he was commissioned to make trench coats or trench coats at the start of the First World War. From then on, the tartan pattern that he invented, like the shape of the trench coat, became cult and was particularly brought up to date with the 1980s and the diversification of the house’s activities, including perfumery.

After having successfully proposed perfumes like Brit, Touch or even Weekend, Burberry decided to offer a perfumed alter ego to its iconic trench coat with My Burberry, a sweet nickname that enthusiasts give to their favorite raincoat.

My Burberry will therefore be composed by Francis Kurkdjian in order to pay tribute to the timeless elegance of the house as well as to its daring creativity. As a true symbol of British prestige, Burberry will not hesitate to play on the image of the two most famous English stars of the moment, Kate Moss and Cara Delevigne, to highlight its My Burberry perfume like its favorite trench coat. Photographed by the great Mario Testino, the cheerful and graceful young ladies sing in the rain as if to bewitch us better with their Anglo-Saxon charms.

According to Burberry Director, My Burberry represents “the epitome of the brand, its ultimate embodiment in terms of fragrance, design and attitude. A fragrance inspired by the iconic Burberry trench coat must be exceptional in every way.

My Burberry or the essence of the English label

The My Burberry bottle, although very similar to Chloé’s , is totally designed to symbolize the brand’s iconic trench coat. Thus the glass is adorned with the beige of the gabardine, the stopper is made of the horn of the buttons and the delicate knot of the collar takes up the exact color of the fabric of the trench coat. What’s more, My Burberry can very well be personalized with the initials of its owner!

Sweet peas and citrus fruits open this My Burberry with a fresh dash. Then the delicacy of gardenias and freesias takes us directly into the beauty of English gardens which of course also exude Damascus roses and May roses. Some green fruits come to decorate these flowers to better curl up in a syrupy and sweet quince. The watery notes make us imagine the beautiful English basins while letting carried away by the nervousness of a geranium note. The wake will be tinged with a warm sensuality thanks to notes of patchouli, leather and amber woods but will let itself be powdered with a pretty violet all the same.

“A contemporary, resolutely British floral bouquet. »Burberry for My Burberry.


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