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Mr Burberry, the new Burberry gentleman

Mr Burberry, the new Burberry gentleman
Mr Burberry, the new Burberry gentleman

The Burberry house is preparing a surprise for us for the month of April 2016, a surprise that we will try to deliver to you for less. Indeed, a certain Mr Burberry should see the light of day and would present himself as the male counterpart of the star feminine fragrance of the house, namely the famous My Burberry . Indeed, their aesthetic styles are very similar and the eternal English class of the brand is beautiful and very present. This new masculine scent is described as fresh woody, and its campaign was shot by British director Steve McQueen.

A very elegant universe for the new Mr Burberry

First of all, it is impossible not to stop in front of the very elegant bottle of Mr Burberry. Indeed, the latter is not unlike that of My Burberry but this time adopts the attitude of a typically English gentleman. First of all, its black cabochon soars skyward through its rounded shape. What is more, it has imposing proportions compared to the rest of the bottle. In fact, it is typically reminiscent of the top hat so adored by the English. In addition, as to complete his evening dress, Mr. Burberry also accessorized with a black gabardine bow like a bow tie. The whole is very elegant and the atmosphere could not be more refined.

Likewise, to carry out its campaign, Burberry appealed to many beautiful people. Indeed, the advertisement honors Josh Whitehouse and Amber Anderson, an iconic figure in all of the brand’s cosmetic products. In addition, it was directed by renowned British director Steve McQueen. For your information, know that the latter is still winner of an Oscar and a Turner Prize, just that! The campaign therefore promises to put us in our eyes.

The woody scent of Mr Burberry

When Simona Cattaneo, director of Burberry’s fragrance section, describes this new product, she says: “ Mr. Burberry has the structure of an aromatic fern.classic that is inspired by so many famous perfumes, but this one has been completely revised and remastered in order to present a radically contemporary creation in its proportions and in its ingredients. “Moreover, we know that Mr. Burberry will be a romantic. The latter offers us a walk in the heart of the woods. However, it is also decidedly modern. This fragrance, sold here for less and produced by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, opens with citrus notes of grapefruit. This gives Mr Burberry an extreme freshness. Then, cardamom makes its appearance. Its scent combines wonderfully with the coniferous notes of the perfume. Then, the tarragon underlines the herbaceous side of the fragrance and gives it a slight aniseed side. Its heart, meanwhile, is made up of birch leaf, nutmeg oil and cedar. The effect is very woody and continues into its wake. We then notice the sandalwood, the guaiac wood as well as the vetiver so dear to the hearts of men. With this essence, Mr Burberry manages to revisit men’s perfumery and make it resolutely contemporary.


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