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Her, the latest fragrance for women from Burberry

Her, the latest fragrance for women from Burberry
Her, the latest fragrance for women from Burberry

Burberry Her, all the London effervescence in one perfume

Since 1856, the Burberry house has developed a reputation that goes far beyond the borders of Great Britain. This brand is now present in the four corners of the globe. However, she never forgot her origins. Burberry does not miss an opportunity to showcase English elegance. In this context, the brand presents us with a brand new scented creation. Its new juice for the start of the 2018 school year is called Burberry Her and is aimed at all active women today, eager to embrace new trends.

Burberry Her, a burst of energy

Burberry Her is a perfume that fits perfectly with the lifestyle of women today. Indeed, our daily life is more and more like a real race against time. The women of our time are overflowing with energy and it is precisely all this ardor that their perfume must be able to reveal. Burberry Her supports them in their daily development. This new generation juice alone seems to capture all the excitement of the English capital. Once again, Burberry is making London its main source of inspiration. Burberry Her evokes youth, energy, determination and pleasure. As its pretty pink color suggests, Burberry Her is a fragrance designed to bring a smile to your face and breathe a wave of optimism into your daily life.

Burberry relies on the elegant femininity of a soft pink bottle

Let’s start by taking a closer look at its bottle to see how Burberry chose to put this new composition in images. As if to echo a certain tenderness, Burberry Her reveals a very feminine and poetic pale pink color. Its bottle is a kind of flask rounded on the right side and sharper at the level of its other edges. Its cap, meanwhile, is completely off-center. While asymmetrical, the Burberry Her bottle is nonetheless very elegant and harmonious. A golden ring also sublimates its collar and invites us, therefore, to open this bottle to inhale the fragrance.

Burberry bets on a fruit cocktail

So now let’s find out what is hidden in the attractive container of Burberry Her… This box of tenderness contains a particularly fruity concentrate. Burberry starts off with a combination of red fruits. It also contains raspberries, cherries, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. Then, this vitamin blend is relayed by a floral heart of jasmine and violet. Both powdery and solar, this fragrance is finally enveloped in a woody flavor. Musk and amber in turn end up sublimating all its sensuality. The result is a lively, romantic and sensual composition. Burberry Her is presented as a very balanced juice, the work of the talented perfumer Francis Kurkdjian.


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