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Burberry perfume Mr. Burberry

Burberry perfume Mr. Burberry
Burberry perfume Mr. Burberry

Mr Burberry, a so British temperament

The story of the Burberry brand is the story of Thomas Burberry, a young 21-year-old clothier, who opens his first store in Basingstoke, England. We are then in 1856… Having become famous in particular thanks to its legendary scarf and its emblematic trench coat, the Burberry house offers luxury clothing and accessories for women, men and children. Building on its success, Burberry launched into perfumery in 1990. “Mr Burberry” was born in April 2016. He defines himself as the perfect translation of the London man, discreet and elegant.

The fresh and woody notes of Mr Burberry

It is in association with the prestigious perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, that the composition of “Mr Burberry” was invented. The latter found his inspiration in plants and plants while being inspired by British perfumery, which he combines perfectly with completely unexpected notes. Its main ingredient is a fern accord, completely revisited. Everything here evokes the London spirit. “Mr Burberry” begins with the tangy notes of grapefruit. Cardamom then makes its appearance alongside tarragon which gives the composition a herbaceous and aniseed side. The heart asserts itself in a more woody trail thanks to the presence of birch leaf, nutmeg oil and cedar. Finally, the trail extends the woody trail and accentuates it with vetiver, sandalwood and guaiac wood, which brings a warm aspect to the whole. It is here that “Mr Burberry” asserts his character with an undisguised fresh side.

Mr Burberry, the heritage trench coat

“Mr Burberry” is strongly inspired by the trench coat, its history, its quality and its timeless style. The bottle too, takes all the codes of the very famous British trench coat. Resolutely masculine, the bottle is an evening outfit in itself. The shape of its cabochon is round. Black, it is reminiscent of a top hat. To complete his outfit, “Mr Burberry” has a black gabardine bow like a bow tie. The latter also pays tribute to Thomas Burberry, inventor of this material. As iconic and timeless as the trench coat, “Mr Burberry” exudes elegance and British chic. The advertising campaign is led by the talented Steve McQueen. It honors Josh Withehouse, actor and musician and Amber Anderson, a couple, could not be more glamorous.

Founded in 1856, the Burberry brand is at the origin of mythical “products” such as its Burberry scarf. From war outfits to Queen Elizabeth’s wardrobe, Burberry has managed to cross and adapt to eras. Its fragrances are in the image of the brand, very elegant. So British, “Mr Burberry” is the perfect reflection of the British gentleman.

The month of September 2014 resonates as the start of an unspeakable success for the Burberry brand.

Indeed, it was on this date that the famous fashion house launched its feminine fragrance My Burberry . It was a great success and its very British spirit did not fail to mark the spirits. However, one point was lacking: the male sex despaired of not being able to wear this sublime fragrance. So, rest assured, Burberry will bring us a solution very soon and will launch, from April 2016, its fragrance for men: Mr Burberry.

All the spirit of Burberry in a bottle

With its feminine fragrance, Burberry was keen to convey the codes and values ​​of the most British of luxury houses. Christopher Bailey, Managing Director and Creative Director of Burberry, said himself: “My Burberry is the embodiment of the brand, in terms of scent, design and attitude. A fragrance inspired by the iconic Burberry trench coat must be exceptional at all levels ”. Also, this male counterpart had to be in the same vein and everything has been thought out so that he does not derogate from the rule.

Mr Burberry Perfume
Mr Burberry Perfume

In terms of its advertising, we now know that we will find the model Amber Anderson so dear to the heart of the Burberry house. Indeed, it was she who opened and closed the fall / winter 2015 collection for the house show. The latter will be accompanied by actor Josh Whitehouse who will have the heavy task of embodying the English class of Mr. Burberry.

Likewise, the bottle incorporates very important codes for the brand. This glass case is more than just packaging. It is very neat and is a tribute to one of the historical figures of the house. Indeed, it is embellished with a black gabardine bow. This material, invented a century ago by Thomas Burberry, is notably that of the brand’s iconic trench coat. All glass, this bottle plays with transparency, except for its stopper, quite imposing and as dark as ebony. This one evokes the shape of a top hat and Mr. Burberry’s bottle is then as classy as an English aristocrat on a gala day.

Burberry plunges us into the heart of the woods

Mr Burberry est un romantique. Avec cette fragrance, il nous propose une ballade au cœur de bois. Toutefois, il est aussi résolument moderne et revisite la fougère de façon à se débrandr des nombreuses fragrances qui en sont composées. Ce Perfume, réalisé par le parfumeur Francis Kurkdjian, s’ouvre sur les notes piquantes et hespéridées du pamplemousse. Cet ingrédient donne énormément de fraicheur à la fragrance. Puis, la cardamone fait son apparition. Elle réhausse alors à merveille les notes de conifère du parfum. Ensuite, l’estragon souligne le côté herbacé de la fragrance et lui donne même un léger côté anisé. Son cœur, quant à lui, se compose de feuille de bouleau, d’huile de noix de muscade et de cèdre. Puis, la sensation boisée se poursuit jusque dans son sillage et l’on y rebrand alors le bois de santal, le bois de gaïac ainsi que le vétiver si cher à la parfumerie masculine. Mr Burberry est résolument moderne. Il parvient à revisiter la parfumerie masculine et à la rendre très contemporaine.

Olfactory Family: Aromatic – Woody

Top notes: Grapefruit, Tarragon, Cardamom.

Heart Notes: Cedar, Nutmeg, Birch Leaves.

Base notes: Sandalwood, Vetiver.

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