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Burberry Her London Dream, a daydream from across the Channel

Burberry Her London Dream, a daydream from across the Channel
Burberry Her London Dream, a daydream from across the Channel

Burberry Her London Dream, a call to reverie

The Burberry house is one of the best British standard bearers around the world. Indeed, she does not miss an opportunity to showcase her origins. As proof, its perfumes perfectly reflect all the London effervescence and the natural class of the English. This is how the Burberry Her collection was designed in 2018. Today, this olfactory saga is reinventing itself and giving birth to a newcomer. Burberry’s latest fragrance, slated for release in spring 2020, is called Burberry Her London Dream. As its name suggests, it is a call to reverie and gentleness.

Burberry Her London Dream, a fragrance dedicated to a romantic and modern woman

Burberry Her London Dream is a scent that is at once lively, floral and spicy. Therefore, it perfectly reflects today’s femininity: at the same time light, fiery and indomitable. The one who wears this perfume is not lacking in daring or personality. She combines charm and energy better than anyone. The young Burberry woman of 2020 surprises with her spontaneous delicacy and sweetness of life. Burberry Her London Dream symbolizes a certain revival of the Burberry brand. This fragrance preserves the brand’s inspiring, London signature. However, the eclectic metropolis teeming with energy is this time wiser and calming. Soft and full of lightness, the woman who wears this perfume captivates us with her good humor and invites us to stroll.

The vibrant and soothing composition of Burberry Her London Dream

Burberry Her London Dream evolves in several olfactory territories at the same time. This fragrance owes its existence to perfumers Maïa Lernout and Jérôme Di Marino. Both first imagined an incisive and fresh start, dominated by lemon.
Immediately, a more spicy, peppery and soapy touch of ginger emerges. Undeniably, Burberry Her London Dream is getting off to a very fresh start. Then, her heart reaffirms all the floral elegance of the Burberry woman. Designed as a huge bouquet, it contains peony and rose. Little by little, Burberry Her London Dream becomes more greedy and amber at its base. It ends with an animal scent of musk, which only amplifies the natural sensuality of the Burberry woman.

All the daring of a sleek bottle

Burberry Her London Dream is presented to us in the same bottle as its predecessors. However, if it is a very refined bottle, it must be recognized that it is also very daring. First of all, its cap is completely off-center. Placed on the side, it is highlighted with a golden collar. The name of the Burberry brand, meanwhile, is engraved on its base, in capital letters. The whole is revealed with tenderness in a pale yellow juice. In fact, this color echoes the citrus fruits present in Burberry Her London Dream and all its energy. Completely transparent, this bottle is nevertheless dominated by a small opaque and pearly cap. For a little and one would almost believe that it is about a flask borrowed from a London gentleman!


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