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Burberry Her Intense, the new London juice

Burberry Her Intense, the new London juice
Burberry Her Intense, the new London juice

Burberry Her Intense, the bewitching scent of a young Londoner

Founded in 1856, the Burberry house today boasts worldwide notoriety, in particular thanks to its Burberry Her fragrances . However, it was in a small shop, located just 80 km from London that it all started. If the brand has gradually built a real luxury empire, it has never forgotten its origins. Thus, each of her creations is, for her, the opportunity to highlight the British soil. In its Burberry Her Intense fragrance, Burberry has decided to take us on a trip to one of the most bubbling capitals there is. So how about shopping with a sultry and irresistible young Londoner?

Burberry Her Intense, a fruity and suave fragrance in a British flask

Like its predecessor, Burberry Her Intense is presented in a sober and refined bottle, but no less imbued with the English universe. Directly from Burberry’s heritage, the Burberry Her Intense bottle is inspired by a design first used in 1981, for the release of Burberry’s for Men. A sort of glass flask, this bottle has an off-center stopper on the side, similar to that of the small aluminum gourds that English gentlemen once slipped into their trenches. Its smooth glass and rounded side now give it an extreme softness. Likewise, its very pale color has faded in favor of a more amber juice, which speaks volumes about the carnal spirit of this new Burberry Her Intense. A small golden ring highlights the refinement of its collar,
Inside this bottle hides a suave and tenacious fragrance, with a floral breath very close to the previous Burberry Her. Burberry Her Intense starts off with a fresh and gourmet scent of red fruits, the predominant part of which comes from blackberries. Her heart, meanwhile, highlights one of the most famous flowers in women’s perfumery: jasmine. Here, it displays all its richness and becomes in turn floral, fruity, animal or powdery. Gradually, Burberry Her Intense is heating up. Its base is wrapped in benzoin, a woody, vanilla and caramelized resin.

Burberry Her Intense, a lively and joyful fragrance

Besides its very seductive spirit, Burberry Her Intense is mainly inspired by the effervescence of London. The lively and eclectic metropolis here gives birth to a lively and sensual juice. The woman who wears this perfume is just as sparkling as she is adventurous. If you like to fill your daily life with unexpected events, this juice is for you! With him, seduction is played with audacity. Burberry Her Intense is as refined as it is spontaneous. Burberry Her Intense “reflects the daring and adventurous spirit of the thrilling city of London”. Although Burberry was already asserting itself with its Burberry Her Blossom creation as a fragrance designed for all women “Londoners at heart”, understand “Londoners at heart”, the brand persists and signs with this new fragrance: Burberry Her Intense.


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