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A walk in the heart of the woods with Mr Burberry

A walk in the heart of the woods with Mr Burberry
A walk in the heart of the woods with Mr Burberry

In order to accompany its collection of clothing and accessories for the year 2016, the British house Burberry has decided to launch at the same time the marketing of a men’s perfume. The latter, produced in collaboration with the famous perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, should see the light of day in April 2016 and will echo the brand‘s commercial strategy for its Brit collection for men. In this case, it will be a particularly elegant fresh wood, both in its smell and in its design. Mr Burberry puts on his evening dress and is determined to carry his “So British” class around the world.

Mr Burberry brings out the iconic trench coat of the house

When you treat yourself to the new Mr Burberry, tell yourself that you will get cheap the product of a British house of excellence. In addition, with this perfume, it is a little as if Burberry offered you a little of its history and its heritage. Indeed, it is very inspired by the famous iconic Burberry trench coat and is adorned in this case with a black gabardine bow tied like a bow tie. This material was indeed invented a century ago by Thomas Burberry anxious to create a tight and waterproof fabric that provides protection against the capricious elements so emblematic of Great Britain. In addition, the bottle of Mr Burberry could not be more classy. Its shape is refined and very classic. It is completely made of glass and offers sharp, precise edges. On the other hand, its cabochon does not fail to surprise us. Indeed, it is smooth, very black and imposing. Round in shape, it soars skyward like a top hat. The case of Mr Burberry then resumes the allure of a man with square shoulders, dressed in a tuxedo, as if ready to go to a social evening.

Mr Burberry plunges us into a ballad in the heart of the woods

Mr Burberry is presented as the male counterpart of My Burberry. However, unlike his sidekick, he prefers to leave the bustle of London to go green. All its olfactory composition is based on plants and vegetables. According to Simona Cattaneo, director of the fragrance section of Burberry: “Mr. Burberry has the structure of a classic aromatic fern that draws inspiration from so many famous fragrances, but it has been completely revised and remastered to present a radically contemporary creation in its proportions and in its ingredients. »It opens with tangy grapefruit accords bringing a spicy freshness as soon as its fragrance soars. Then, it is embellished with cardamom, known for its perfect association with masculine scents with notes of conifer. Tarragon then makes its appearance with its more herbaceous or even somewhat aniseed notes. The heart continues its woody ascent and we find notably birch leaf, nutmeg oil and cedar. Finally, the trail combines sandalwood, guaiac wood and vetiver. Everything is very balanced and embodies all the elegance of the Burberry house.


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