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Oryza family Poaceae | Greens, Herbs And Fougeres
Perfumes que contêm nota de fragrância - Arroz | Perfil de perfume:uma nota de fantasia, gramínea, nozes e terrosa, que lembra arroz basmati cozido no vapor, quente e aconchegante.
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Common name - rice; Family - Poaceae or Grasses; Subfamily - Bambusoideae or Ehrhartoideae; Genus - Oryza; Species - Oryza sativa the best known species Speaking of rice in perfumery, the aroma that crosses the olfactory senses is that of basmati rice and Indian rice pudding - Kheer. And when we think of the clean green scent of rice paddies, we think of Angel Schlesser Homme by Angel Schlesser, which is an aromatic fern scent. Kenzo blends it perfectly to achieve the warm sensation of rice, milk and sultry vanilla in Kenzo Amour. Rice � the main staple food for over 50 percent of the world's population. It is cultivated all over the world and enjoyed in many dishes and drinks. The kitchens of the world are already familiar with this fragrant grain which possesses a heavenly aroma of nuances of hazelnut, green, grass and earth. Rice is classified as a cereal crop belonging to the Poaceae plant family whose plants are generally referred to as grasses.