Fragrâncias Jatamansi ou Spikenard

Perfumes que contêm nota de fragrância - Jatamansi ou Spikenard | Perfil de perfume:Uma nota de ervas aromáticas terrosas.
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Nardostachys jatamansi (Jatamansi) is a perennial herb plant. It has an unbranched or sparsely branched woody aromatic rhizome, covered with the remnants of thick reddish-brown fibers, a petiole of wilted radical leaves with a single long taproot, usually with 2 to 7 rhizomes but sometimes up to 15. The thickness and the number of rhizomes per plant depends on the age of the plant. The rhizome of the plant is so aromatic that when the plants are plucked from the ground by hand, their warm, sweet scent wafts through the air. The flowers are pink-purple to whitish in color and are found in a dense bud on the terminal. The flowering period is from July to August, while fruiting takes place from September to November.