Raspberry in perfumery

The sweet pleasure of raspberries

Raspberry is the fruit of the raspberry tree, a shrub which itself belongs to the Rosaceae family. This fruit can be cultivated as well as it can be grown in the wild. Its name, meanwhile, was mentioned as early as the 12th century. The raspberry is a fruit forming a small scraper of about forty tiny carpels. Each of them is filled with juicy pulp, and its outer side is covered with microscopic hairs. Thus, the raspberry is a fruit which acquires a velvety aspect. Ovoid and conical in shape, raspberries have a sweet flavor accompanied, with more or less intensity depending on the variety, by a touch of acidity. It is a fragile and delicate fruit that should be treated with care as it fears handling.Raspberries have nutritional properties similar to those of strawberries. In addition, it is rich in vitamins E and mineral salts, especially potassium. Likewise, it is the fruit richest in ellagic acid, an antioxidant that is said to help prevent certain cancers. Finally, raspberry is known to facilitate intestinal transit. In general, it is eaten alone or transformed, in jelly or jam, as well as in multiple well as in multiple well as in multiple desserts.

The scent of raspberries

The raspberry note is mainly used in feminine creations. It gives them a fruity touch, both sweet and tangy, halfway between blackberry, strawberry and blackcurrant. On the other hand, as with many fruits, it is not possible to extract an essential oil directly from the raspberry. Thus, its scent is reproduced in the laboratory. This is made possible by frambione, a sweet-smelling molecule of this fruit. However, other synthetic compounds can also be used for this purpose such as ethyl formate, butanone or parahydroxyphenyl, then giving an odor of ripe raspberries. Likewise, for many, raspberries somewhat evoke the scent of freshly cut hay. This is explained by its content rich in ionone,a molecule also present in hay.

Today, many feminine fragrances contain raspberry, such as Amethyst by Lalique, Agua Del Sol by Escada or Calypso by Lancôme. What's more, for the record, know that the Milky Way would taste like raspberries! Indeed, German astronauts have established the molecular composition of a cloud of space dust and noted the presence of molecules similar to those of raspberries.

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