Nectarine in perfumery

The properties of nectarine

Nectarine is a fruit rich in water, since it contains 88%. In addition to being refreshing, nectarine is an excellent diuretic. Nectarine is also rich in antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin C (5.4 mg of vitamin C per 100 mg). Nectarine stimulates our immune system, while protecting it from free radicals. It is also a real asset for our heart. This is because nectarine helps regulate blood pressure and prevents bad cholesterol from setting in. Finally, you should know that nectarine is an important source of fiber.

The use of nectarine in perfumery

The nectarine has a very pleasant, fruity, tangy, sweet and sweet smell. This is why nectarine is used in cosmetics, for beauty products or even shower gels. Nectarine is now also used in perfumery. It incorporates floral-fruity scents such as Nectarine Blossom and Honey by Jo Malone. The nectarine is also found in sweet fruity fragrances made for young girls like Mademoiselle Jacadi by Jacadi. We can also discover the nectarine in chypre-floral compositions as in Yvresse by Yves Saint Laurent, previously called Champagne. Finally, the nectarine can also be positioned within citrus essences as in Brasil Nectarine by Tipton Charles.

While it is an excellent fruit for health, nectarine has other benefits. Indeed, it is found in beauty products, cosmetics, but also perfumes. It brings to it its fruity, tangy and sweet tones.


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