Bergamot in perfumery

Bergamot, a must-have for perfumery

The first bergamot was planted in 1750… And it is since the beginning that the creators of perfumes have been using it. The fruity and sweet notes of bergamot enliven each scent, inevitably refreshing our mind. Perfumes that contain bergamot are intended to be reassuring and harmonizing. In addition, bergamot has anxiolytic properties and gives self-confidence. This reinforces the self-confidence of the people who wear it, freeing it from any external pressures. In 1925, Guerlain was the first to introduce so many bergamots in a perfume, and caused a stir with its Shalimar perfume, still appreciated by these ladies Today, it is not only Guerlain, but all perfumery that does not. can no longer do without bergamot!

The marriage of bergamot

Bergamot is mainly used in top notes, with chypre, fern and oriental accords. Bergamot, which is part of the citrus family, goes wonderfully with the other scents of its family, as for the perfume Eau de Rochas by Rochas. Here, citrus fruits blend subtly with bergamot. The result is an ultra-fresh and sparkling fragrance. On the men's side, no one can forget the very mythical Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior… In addition, bergamot goes just as well with floral fragrances. This is the case for Lanvin's Arpège perfume, where bergamot, in the top note, is mixed in heart notes, with iris, ylang-ylang, rose, lily of the valley or even jasmine. .It is true that this perfume is a love story orchestrated by Jeanne Lanvin for her daughter Marie-Blanche. Another strong fragrance is a chypre accord associated with bergamot: Mitsouko by Guerlain, another love story where the notes of bergamot are subtly associated with peach, jasmine, oak moss. , with vetiver… A gem!

Bergamot has been used for a very long time in perfumery, but also in essential oils, in food or in hygiene products. Its smell is sweet and sparkling, and the creators of perfumes knew how to use bergamot wisely. Part of the citrus family, bergamot goes perfectly with floral or chypre scents, but it can be found in certain oriental fragrances. Today, bergamot has made a name for itself. It has become an essential for international perfumery.

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