Fragancias de Martini

Perfumes que contienen nota de fragancia - Martini | Perfil olfativo:nota de fantasía seca, sofisticada y divertida que recuerda al cóctel clásico, útil para composiciones de fragancias secas y refrescantes
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Martini is an alcoholic cocktail made from gin and vermouth, with a zest of olive or lemon. Martini is prepared by pouring all of its ingredients into a mixing glass with ice cubes, mixed, filtered and served without ice in a chilled cocktail glass. This classic cocktail glass has a cone-shaped bowl placed on a rod above a flat base. Olive or a strip of lemon zest are used as a garnish. Recipes similar to the contemporary martini first appeared in bartending guides from the late 19th century. During the 1970s and 1980s, the martini was considered an old-fashioned drink, but it has recently come back into fashion, with an explosion of its new versions.