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Hedychium coronarium Other names: White Garland Lily, Butterfly Ginger | Flowers
Perfumes que contêm nota de fragrância - White Ginger Lily | Perfil de perfume:o absoluto âmbar de White Ginger Lily exibe um bouquet floral fresco, doce e tropical com um adorável subtom frutado semelhante ao gengibre.
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Rame Verde

SKU: Armani Privé - Vert Malachite

SKU: Armani Privé - Vert Malachite

MARCA: Giorgio Armani Privé

Potência floral cremosa, rica, densa, muito sofisticada. Rame Verde abre com uma nuvem de perfume que envolve a sala. O petitgrain passa pelo meio onde empresta uma nitidez ao bouquet amarelo cremoso de ylang-ylang, pimenta rosa e jasmim. O meio...


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Hedychium Coronarium or White Ginger Lily, with its immensely fragrant white butterfly-like flowers, is also called Butterfly lily. It belongs to the Zingiberaceae ginger family which is one of the most common plants in the tropics and subtropics with around 47 genera and 1400 species. Hedychium Coronarium is part of the genus consisting of about 50 species. He is originally from the East Indies, China, Myanmar and Taiwan. The White Ginger Lily is naturalized in Southern Africa, Eastern Australia, Central America and countries with warm climates suitable for their growth. Known as the national flower of Cuba, nicknamed Mariposa Blanca which means white butterfly flower, the white ginger lily is also famous in Hawaii, where it is used in necklaces. White Ginger Lily is a gardener's delight and is ranked among the most fragrant plants alongside tuberose, polyanthum jasmine, oriental lilium Stargazer & Casablanca varietals and cestrum nocturmum. It prefers moist conditions to partial shade to thrive similarly to Cannas.