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Verona Fame

SKU: Ricci Ricci

SKU: Ricci Ricci

MARCA: Nina Ricci

Notas de fragrância Melhores notas bergamota, ruibarbo Notas de coração:trombeta de anjo, rosa, tuberosa Patchouli de notas de fundo, sândalo Compare com Ricci Ricci


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Nina Ricci is a French fashion house founded by Italian-born Maria "Nina" Ricci and her son Robert in 1932. Maria served as the house's designer and was known for her elegant, feminine gowns. Robert managed the business and finance end, and made the initial foray into the perfume world. Nina Ricci's first fragrance, Coeur Joie, was introduced in 1946. The perfume was presented in a beautiful crystal bottle designed by Lalique, and marked the beginning of an historic partnership between the two companies that would last many years